Online shopping or traditional shopping

              I have a confession. This might end up becoming a “shopaholic 101” kind of thing. Just something to think about when  you take a shower or a conversation starter. I hate shopping. I hate waiting in line to the fitting rooms, I hate waiting in line to pay for my things and most importantly, I hate walking around the store because I cannot find my size. It is a total waste of time but I love the smell of new shoes probably more than the next girl so I usually shop online.

              Online shopping is very convenient. If they don’t have the size, you get to know that in a second and move on. I know there is more risk like someone stealing your information. How do I even know that my orders will come? I don’t know; they have been coming from the very first time online shopping became a habit of mine. If you ask me, it’s even easier to find things. I have never bought anything from Forever 21 in the stores because it’s always overwhelming for me. That is why I go and shop online.

            I don’t know, maybe it’s just me but I cannot spend more than half an hour in a store. I want to walk in, get what I want and then be somewhere else. I hate waiting in those lines so much that I usually spend minutes looking for something less than 3 dollars so that I get free shipping. I would rather wait a week to get my purchase than wait in the line for ten minutes. Online shopping to me is so easy I can even do it in my sleep. (Which by the way has happened again, I don’t have a shopping problem so don’t even go there)

        This doesn’t mean that technology is taking over (although technically it does) but if it makes any difference, I prefer my books, magazines and newspapers in hard copies. I still shop in stores, I just rarely do it. I would love to know that I am not insane so which one do you prefer? Online shopping or “the good old fashioned wait in line shopping”?


  1. I hope you like my style and my looks... and myabe follow me

    1. I actually do. I see you got the boat shoes. Very trendy. love it

  2. Online shopping is good because you have everything in one place and most of the time it is alot cheaper.

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