The Beckhams take over September.

I do not have to say it but I will if you want me to, I will. The Beckhams have a better life than you me. I will speak for myself this time. Victoria Beckham is the guest editor for Glamour magazine. She is the first guest editor and I think that she was the best choice. Posh put her on style on every single page of the magazine. I saw it and I have to say, I never realized how really passionate she is about fashion. This makes me love her more.
   The theme of the photo shoot was "a day in the life of a soccer mom."  Victoria is obviously not your typical soccer mom but she makes it all look easy.
   She is wearing a tiara in a tub. I can see her smizing.

With a clothing line to run; that is being worn from Oprah to Beyonce. On top of that, she has four kids. Even after having these kids, she still like she has not aged a single day. I always see her pictured with kids around in heels and I wonder how she does it. I really want to know.

Victoria shared her fashion Don’ts for the issue and these included; boat shoes, Bermuda shorts, nose rings, Crocs (AMEN) nude pantyhose (they are tacky). If she added on Ugg boots, we could have become best friends (although in my head, we already are) I love the fact that she is working, being a mother and still looks put together all the time.

On the other side of town, David is on the cover of Esquire magazine.  Every picture of him is always breath taking. In the interview, he got really personal; he talked about fatherhood and everything Beckham.

“What you see, that’s me. And that won’t change. I might not walk around in just my ­underwear every day but that’s the only thing. I don’t try to hide anything. There’s nothing to hide.” He told the magazine. Well papa Beckham, underwear or not, we still love looking at you.
The Beckhams are a gift that keeps on giving. I posted this one just because…all I’m saying is that if they ever need a babysitter, I will sign up.


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