Massachusetts College of Arts and Design displays

I love working in Boston, it never gets boring. There are a lot of stores and it never hurts to go and gape at that Micheal Kors bag that has been on my list for months. While I was on my adventures through Copley, I saw the displays of the Massachusetts College of Arts and Design class of 2013. They were breathtaking. It is wonderful to look at something so beautiful and know that a person made it. The students did an amazing job with these gowns and I was in tears.
The details they all had….ugghhh don’t you just love fashion? I didn’t get the names of the students who made them but I had to share my favorite pieces from the displays. They have been there for like a week but if you stop by Copley Place soon; you will probably find them there.

This one was inspired by Black History Month. I can see the African prints in there. 

I LOVE this one because of the details of the top.

Here comes the bride. They used two different materials but the gown still looks amazing.
If you look at this one and you think of Alexander McQueen then we are on the same page.
How can something that looks so simple be so beautiful? I was in tears when I got to see this jacket. Can I have it?

I am usually a chatter box but there comes a moment in life when I am speechless and that moment usually starts with a beautiful gown like this one. The feathers, the print were all good choices. 

Look at how the back looked like. 
I loved these ones as well.

Look at how perfectly detailed this one is.

The chains made me fall in love with this dress. I don't know how they managed to make the dress look classy and sexy with those little chains.

This one was made out of newspapers. I am having trouble doing my 3D Design homework because I have to make a shoe out of wire and people are making gowns out of newspapers?? Looks like I'm out of excuses

The structure that this gown have to see it in person. The collar is out there but yet its beautiful.

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