My Emmys WOW moments

Last night was a huge disappointment. Between the patriots losing that game and Jon Hamm not winning that award (I was multi-tasking) I am ready for a new day and thank God it’s Monday.  I can move on with the patriots because they will win another game but seriously, Mad Men didn’t take home those awards? I swear this is a plot to destroy me.
I will also not get over how lovely the ladies were looking last night. Pretty much the only thing that kept me sane those; Gowns!  Gowns! Gowns!  There is a reason why when it comes to best or worst dressed, the men are not given that much attention because let’s face it, name one man who looks bad in a bowtie.  But here are a few of my favorite dresses from the Emmys last night

Sofia Vergara is not on this list because I'm secretly in love with her, she is on top of this list i really have to state the obvious? The woman is beautiful and she never disappoints on the red carpet. 

                   Even after all these years, I can never say Hayden Panettiere's name correctly but one thing I can say is that this Marchesa gown looked lovely on her. Lets face it, you cannot do wrong with a Marchesa gown even if you tried really hard

            Zooey Deschanel cannot do wrong in my book and this is another example.

           Heidi Klum is the only woman who can wear a dress like this and still look classy. Hello to the legs.
                  Mad men might not have taken those Emmys last night but January Jones took my award for best dressed. I could go on and on about how perfectly detailed this gown this..but I would never stop.

I can always count on Christina Hendricks to flaunt her curves on the red carpet and oh boy, she exceeded my expectations.
          Tina Fey might have changed stylists because she has been getting my attention in a good way. I love the color on this dress.
 Is it me or does Lucy Liu get better with age.

There say that it is bad to toot  your own horn so I will do it for Julianna Margulies. She took a risk with this print dress and I'm glad she did. She kept the make up, hair and jewelry simple which was another good decision.
                 I'm not sure whether its the color or material of this dress but it has earned a spot for Jena Malone on my best dressed list. The details on the top are almost breathtaking. Would this dress have looked better on someone with curves? I think so

Nicole Kidman is like fine wine, she just keeps getting better with age. I was hoping she was going to top her dress from last year's Emmys and she did.
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