Personal style: Hello Fall

I don’t know when turtlenecks went out of fashion but I don’t care. I love them. I love turtlenecks: so much that it had to be said twice. I find them very effortless and they can be dressed up and down. They also take the attention away from the stomach area and put it to the chest area. I will put 5 dollars on the line and say that that is what every woman wants.

                          Speaking of things that every woman wants, I wore my high-low denim skirt the other day. You know the one that was custom made by Amy Leu. I love that skirt. It is really fun  and definitely on the top list of my favorite things I own. 

                 I paired the look with my studded Velvet flats. I think this skirt would look even better with some chic wedges. I like gold and green together. They are a lovely combination.
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