Remembering Fashion Night Out like it was yesterday

I am back!!! I’m building my runway and I am very excited to see where it goes to. Apart from missing three episodes of Project Runway (Which should be illegal although I voted for Sonjia every day and so should you), I might have missed the Amanda Bynes- Lindsay Lohan breakdowns although if you ask me, after Britney Spears, at this point, celebrity breakdowns just make me yawn.  There is one thing that I missed more, you guys.
In case you were curious (which I know you were) I went to fashion night out and it was beyond AMAZING. I had so much fun. What is better than walking in the middle of Newbury St and getting free champagne?  (Apart from my Type Z heels killing me after two hours) The answer might be going to New York Fashion Week but at this point, this is as good as it gets.
I loved seeing people showing off their style.  The concert was good too. Let me just say that you missed out if you didn’t go. I misplaced some of the pictures but my friend Jimmy was kind enough to find the other ones for me and I am glad because I get to share with you. 

They had these really beautiful expensive cars that are rarely seen and I could not miss the opportunity to touch one.

                    I love  the way this gentleman payed with the blue. Grey and black suits are also starting to make me yawn. Unless of course they are paired with brown shoes.
                   Jon, Jenna and Justine looked lovely. The leather skirt is one of the few things that need to be in your closet this fall. It can be worn in so many ways
                    When I saw Christina, I could not stop talking about how much I loved her outfit. The lita boots give the skirt a fun flirty look which also elongates her legs.
                          These ladies were trying to play coy and said that "they were not fashionable" but too bad I had spotted them from far away and there was no way they could avoid my spotlight.
 Steven and Michelle looked beyond gorgeous. I love a man who is not afraid to play around with fashion. Its really fun, try it sometime.
 Most of the stores had models in their window displays. This one is from Second Time Around.

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