Some trends are not for me.

I love trends as much as the next person. I am however more picky of what trends I enhance in my style. This brings me to the dilemma that I am having. I love Bandeau tops probably more than Ryan Lochte wants to own a fashion line (unless he is designing speedos and he will model them then I will endorse him) they are easy to wear and cover mostly the chest area which makes it fun to wear lacey tops.

You can also add them to pretty much anything and when you want to go bold, you can wear them alone with skirts, jeans, blazers you name it. Jennifer Lopez who seems to be getting better with edge wore the look very well (like she always does). The trend is edgy and very daring so I was thinking that this trend was created for me. The joke was on me. I looked around and they don’t give enough support around the breast area. I personally love wearing things that have a good amount of gravity control. I guess this trend was not created for big chested women.  I have never been this heartbroken ever since Brad Pitt broke up with Jennifer Aniston.

The other trend that I am not sure about is the whole sneaker wedge trend. Maybe this has one or two things to do with the fact that I have never been a “sneakers girl”. Some girls like diamonds, I like pearls. I still have to wrap my head around it because when I think of a sneaker wedge, I just think of how tacky it must look and then I throw up a little. I have seen some that look really cute. If they are made by Jeffery Campbell then I am designed to wear and love them.


I love the ones that Ciara has on in this picture. I think I would want them to be a neutral color; chic but still simple. I am still not a huge fan of them but if you can rock any of these trends then go ahead girl, put on your runway stride and remember that the world is your runway. Send pictures, I want to see how they are being worn.

P.S love my runway and like it on


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