A red bottom heel event

Yesterday was probably my favorite day so far. It will follow the day I got my first heels. I cannot believe I met Christian Louboutin. That was not a typo and I know I was not dreaming because my inner goddess was jumping up and down acting like a kid in a candy store(and besides, I have been waiting for his visit for a few weeks).
 I forgot about all the projects that I have due and starred at the man who makes these beautiful shoes that promise to make one’s day just by looking at them. I love this man and his shoes more than a fat kid loves cake. Too bad I did not want to look like an obsessed school girl (which in this case I was) or I would have kissed his feet - he was wearing shoes that obviously cost more than a thousand dollars, which equals it to kissing a Kings ring…..do people do that anymore? Anyways, at some point, I had to stop for a moment and take it in because I knew I was not going to have this moment again. So Thee I was in Saks Fifth Avenue- which temporary served as my “Louboutin heaven”. 

                    I had to know what it takes to be in Mr.Louboutin's clique and by the looks of it, it might be these beyond beautiful Louboutins she was wearing. ahhhh a girl can only dream. Those are his shoes, they were breathtaking (of course) in person.

 These have got to be my favorite Louboutin. This girl was on fire.

I had my really good fiend Dashaun there for support. Just in case I fainted. Dont you just love his choice of color?

I know someone is going to ask me if I took a picture with him and no I did not, in order for one to get their picture taken with him, they had to buy a full price pair of Louboutins.


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