Anne Hathaway's wedding dress

Anne Hathaway got married over the weekend. Just in case you lived under a rock, I have the pictures of her Valentino wedding gown. She looks more like a princess in this gown than she did in the Princess Diaries. Yeah, top that Kate Middleton…actually never mind Hathaway’s has a more princess look than Middleton’s.

 This has to be the most precious wedding gown I have ever seen. I want to cry at how beautiful she looks. She looks like she stepped out of a fairy tale which if you ask me, she is living one because designer Valentino  (who told E News that she is like a daughter ) personally designed it for her.

Remind me, to put becoming friends with a very talented designer who will make me a fairy tale wedding gown on my list. But for now, what do you think of her dress? If you are at loss of words then it is a natural reaction to a wedding gown this beautiful. 

Photos from Eonline


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