Paris Fashion Week: Saint Laurent

                I am kind of upset that this Fashion Week season has found me in a time of my life where I am very busy.  But I promise, I have been following it in my sleep  - A big thank you to my professors for making sure that I don’t have a single second on my hand. I will however save that speech for graduation.

                  Hedi Slimane showcased his Saint Laurent debut today for the house of Yves Saint Laurent (this is his first one because he was just appointed in March) during Paris Fashion Week. It was beautiful. I have never been this excited ever since I wore my first pair of heels.

Look at the way it drapes.

 The lace details
 Its almost like a little piece of heaven on my runway. I love this one because it is sexy, classy, feminine and somehow mas
 I want to cry at how beautiful this print is.
 At this point, I am speechless. Very beautiful.
This was made for me. I want this.

No one understand my feelings after seeing this collection  I have not felt like this since I saw Alexander McQueen (Rest In Style) 's last collection.


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