I am at the point of the semester where motivation all of a sudden disappears. Oh you know those days, where a 10 a.m class seems earlier than it actually is. I have to say, it has not been all rainbows and butterflies (but life never is) on my runway. So I got the cure for days like these…. Crazy pants or print pants. Some people would argue that sweat pants were created for days like those but unfortunately (not really) I do not own a pair. I know how very unhuman of me.

I know you have a pair or two. It has been a trend and women are expressing their personalities through these fun pants. (I may or may not have intended a pun here) They are easy to wear. They come in different prints too. I just love them.

                     I paired them with what now I call my favorite shirt­­­ - My undying love for turtlenecks. I guess sometimes it is as simple as wearing your favorite shirt to get you through a long day. It worked for me.

                       I want to know, how crazy are you about this crazy print pant trend?


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