My Runway's Sexiest Man Alive

             People magazine named Channing Tatum as their “sexiest man alive”. Don’t get me wrong, he is sexy but  I named him the sexiest man alive three years ago so they are kind of late.  But this leaves me with one question. Who is the “sexiest man alive”?
 I will now officially announce the sexiest man alive so that people magazine can announce them as their in three years (ouch).  After doing some serious research -my favorite research I have done so far, I have named the Hemsworth brothers the sexiest men alive. There is no way I could choose one of them because let’s face it, it was impossible to. I promise I have evidence although I need a moment first and so do you….

There is Chris Hemsworth a.ka. Thor 

I need another moment

                                      Liam Hemsworth a.k.a.  Gale from the hunger games

                They have the prettiest laughs and are really talented but the fact that they have Australian accents just makes this better. I will step off my runway and leave it to the Hemsworth brothers.  I have not been at the movies in a while but I will be there when Thor 2 and Catching fire come out. I just got a head nod from my inner goddess; so you can take that People magazine the Hemsworth brothers are the “sexiest ma(e)n alive”. I am dying to know, who is on yours this year?


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