Personal Style: The Perks of Polka Dots

I love pinkberry, I love it when guys wear Polo, and I love bunnies but I LOVE LOVE LOVE polka dots. This is one of my obsessions that I cannot explain. They are fun.  Every time I wear them, I cannot help but be in a good mood.  I will take them in any size or color as long as they are polka dots.
I got this dress and I am calling it “congratulations on overcoming that tough week without putting Adele on repeat” I love it. The length and fit is amazing. The material is amazing. Dresses that length would look weird on my short frame but the fit makes up for the length. 

                   I played with it with my favorite blazer. The shoes are Type ZZ and are now my favorite heels because they never disappoint. The fact that it is peplum definitely makes me fall in love with it more. I am very luck I stumbled upon it at a reasonable price too.


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