Profiles: My spotlight is shining bright on Seth Millman

One thing I love most about my friends is that each and one of them inspire me- in their own way. It is important to have friends who bring out the best in you. That is why my spotlight is on my good friend Seth Millman. Seth lost 95 pounds in 6 and ½ months. (There goes all your excuses for not losing weight) It was one of those jaw dropping moments because losing the weight he lost takes years for some people. It is not simple, but Seth had to make sacrifices in order to get the results he wanted. “In order to lose this weight, I had to go on an extremely strict diet… no fats, salts, sugars. No fun food and tons of exercise to burn the calories” he told me when I sat down with him. I think I speak for all of us (or maybe myself) when I say that giving up fun food is impossible to do. What is going to comfort me? I obviously take my comfort food very seriously but on a side note, Seth I am sorry for eating all those fries and ice cream when you were trying to stay faithful to your diet.  The least I could have done s act like you were not missing much.

                            With rapper F.Stokes. This is the beard movement

                             What I love most about his transformation is that he did it for himself. “Seeing how big I got and how unhealthy I felt in general made me know I was ready for a change” he said. This just reminded me that if you really want to accomplish something, you have to put work into it and you will get the results you want.  I am so happy for him and I know it was not easy because if it was, everybody would do it. I also hope that this means he will agree to go shopping with me since his clothes are big for him now. Whether he agrees or not, my spotlight is on him. Thank you for inspiring me and I promise to support your healthy lifestyle. On another side note, ladies he is single!!


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