Thirsty Thursday: Guys' cologne..smell ya later

             I love men’s fashion and this Thursday I am thirsty for their cologne (no pun intended). These are small things that most men do not pay attention to – yes, we notice all of you smelling like Hollister.  Since I’m a gift that keeps on giving, I did some ummmm research to find out what the best male cologne is. Here goes…

                     This first one has to do with my love and obsession for Polo. This cologne starts strong and gets better by lunch time. What I love about it is that it is beautiful in a masculine way. It is very good to the nose. And besides, what is better than a man in polo?

                  My second favorite (and a personal favorite to my friend Rocky) is I Million by Paco Rabanne. The bottle its self is beautiful. This is the type of cologne that lasts through the whole day and everyone compliments you on it.

                 I heard that James Bond wears this Dolce and Gabbana.

                       I adored the Lacoste one as well.

                       These colognes are just giving me Christmas gifting ideas. Men are very difficult to buy for gifts. Something tells me that my big brother will love the I Miliion one ß--- possible spoiler alert!


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