Thirsty Thursday: Lessons from Madame Chic by Jennifer L. Scott

Happy Thursday. This Thursday, my mind is thirsty. I love reading for pleasure (don't act surprised). I’m one of those people who still buy hard copies of books. After reading fifty shades, I figured that my book club (I promise, it exists) needed another fun book to read. And I have found one.
I have been looking for a good book and I figured that this time we will go for something less uuummmm kinky and more stylish - not talking about gray tie stylish. I found Lessons from Madame Chic: 20 stylish Secrets I learned while living in Paris by Jennifer L.Scott. I love this book. It’s about valuable lessons the author learnt when she went to Paris and stayed with Madame Chic.

 Each chapter has tips one can include into life despite what budget they have. It’s all about enjoying the French lifestyle. It was well written. I think this will be the perfect book to read during my winter vacation. I am not officially putting her on the list of my favorite authors. I think that if you have been looking for a change or wanted to do something different, and then this book is for you. While I add it to Santa’s list, check out her website  


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