2012‘s most stylish men.

I asked you guys to nominate who 2012’s most stylish man was. The boys of course nominated themselves. “….. My signature I don’t give a fuck look which features sweatpants, a hoodie and my old Kobe’s” one said. That is what I love about fashion; everyone has their own definition of it. But here is who the ladies nominated. One thing that all these nominees have in common is the risk they take with fashion and the ability to make our hearts beat faster in all states of dress! 

1. Trey Songz
I would go into detail about his music and style but I’m afraid that will be a very long and rated R. His music and style make every woman’s heart skip a beat. 

He has his angel clothing line and has been on the covers of different fashion magazines like GQ and Ebony. Either he is in a pair of colored pants, a leather jacket or shirtless (which we most prefer) Trey Songz is stylish in all forms of dress.

As much as I love him in all forms of clothing, I personally think he is breathtaking when he wears a white blazer or tuxedo.

2. David Beckham
The fact that many of you nominated David Beckham makes me happy. I would like to say that because he is a favorite on my runway, he would have been on it anyways. Let’s face it; one cannot make a list of wonderful men without putting Beckham on it. I still wonder whether he knows that he is perfect. 

As I study his style, he really never follows trends. He wears whatever he wants.  The difference between having style and being fashionable is that when you have style, you can wear a plain white t-shirt and still look very uummm stylish.

Even when he is on father duty, he still looks immaculate. He has been on various fashion magazine covers and grabbed front row seats at the hottest fashion week shows.

3. Kanye West
While everyone went nuts because Kanye West was wearing a skirt, I did not think it was a big deal because the skirt was from Givenchy’s fall 2012 menswear collection. And let’s face it, he looked good in it. This outfit is not that much of a gender-bender (when he starts wearing heels then we will talk) In case you did not know, on multiple occasions, Kanye has worn women’s designer clothing.

The man loves leather but you really never know what he is going to wear. He is a risk taker and an amazing fashion designer.  He had front row at couture shows in Paris.

One thing that I love about his style is that it’s arrogant and overly confident just like him. I cannot wait to see what 2013 brings for him.


4. Dwayne Wade and Lebron James
I’m glad that Lebron and Wade rarely choose sweatpants when they are done putting in work on the court. They are a few of my favorite boys and their fashion sense just like their talent makes me very happy. They are not afraid at all to take fashion risks.

I’m not sure whether their stylists plan them to have somewhat similar style. We can see that they both have leather details in this one. They have the best bromance off and on the court and that is why they all had to come in the same place. In case you were wondering; Yes, I am a Heat fan.

  Wade plays with color more. Name me one woman who doesn't love a man in pink.  They have both been featured in magazines like vogue and GQ, have been given front row seats to fashion shows seating next to Anna Wintour and are working on winning this season. And lets face it, we all know a guy who has a pair or two of Lebron or Wade sneaker.

5. One Direction
Not even going to lie, I’m a fan of them. They are just adorable and their European style is easy to love. They are all on this list because they somehow manage to show off their individual style. But if I had to choose, it would be Zayn. With his hair and kind of a shy personality, the boy has swag.

In 2012 and in future men’s fashion trends and style, it’s all about having the balls to wear bright colors.

It does not matter whether you are or not a fan of their music, let’s agree that these boys have style.

6. Russell Westbrook

 I love the fact that more NBA players are becoming stylish.  This list would not be complete without Westbrook on it. I do love his adventurous postgame looks. 


              He plays with color and prints a lot. He also knows the perfect fit a man’s clothes should be. Gentlemen, this is the perfect fit of a modern man’s clothes so while you wish to ball like him, try to take some notes when he is off court too. I applaud him and any guy who is not afraid of adding prints (especially colorful ones) in his wardrobe.

                  Apart from Westbrook setting trends off the court, he is also on his list to honor a dear friend Sean Bertanza (R.I.P) who was a huge fan of Thunder and Westbrook.
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         I cannot wait to see what 2013 has in stores for men's fashion. To give you a sneak peek, its all about playing with prints, color and the right fit then who knows, you might be on this list the next time.

Stay tuned for my runway's top ten favorite moments of 2012.


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