Chris Brown designs Rihanna T shirt for Black Pyramid line

With all the things that are going on my runway, I love having distractions and what better distraction than Rihanna and Chris Brown’s “nobody’s business” relationship. Brown posted a mockup of a t shirt designed for his Black Pyramid clothing line featuring Rihanna. With over 200,000 likes on Instragram, he got inspired to produce the tee. 

They could be in love.They remind me of a relationship I have with shrimp, I’m allergic to it but once in a while, I will have a plate or two and it ain’t anybody’s business – until I get the allergic reaction. (not to worry, its nothing i cant handle) Anyways I hope these two don’t have another uummm allergic reaction because they honestly bring some sort of entertainment in my life. (You would understand if you are going through finals) I will not be buying the t shirt or when think about it but I think it’s cute. Yes, I am a hopeless romantic. What do you think of this T shirt?

Photos from styleite


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