Larz Anderson Auto Museum fashion Show.

Lasell College Visual Merchandising students showed off their designs at the Larz Anderson Museum. Their final project was to make a non-textile design based on the Britain can make it exhibit. If you want to know more about the inspiration, research more about the Earls Court Show because I’m ready to get to the fun…..but dude, there are cars involved. I can’t believe I just said that. I need my tea.

Every time I watched Project Runway and they had that non textile challenge, I got very critical. I didn't understand why they made it look so difficult. They were actually making it look easy. On the other hand, I will say that it is not easy at all. Although the results make up for the sleepless nights and hot glue burns. 
This one was designed by yours truly and Victoria Smolinski. It is made out of a shower curtain and coffee filters. I remember looking at my professor like she had four heads when she said that the garments had to be worn. Thankfully, she guided us throw the whole process.  She even looks breathtaking wearing a dress made out of a shower curtain. Yeah take that Lady Gaga and your meat dress. 

              This one was to show unity between Unity and America. With that fierce walk, we might have found our answer to World peace. The bottom is made out of paper plates.

OHHH look who it is. Its Nicole da Silva. Who is my profile this week.
This trench coat is made out of coffee filters as well.

There were two winners and their designs would be displayed in the museum next to the cars they were inspired by.The red are beads.

There was peplum too. I love this one a lot.
This one is made from duck tape. Seriously, take that Lady Gaga and your meat dress.

  This was one of them. The garments were beautiful and the girls were fierce. How fun is the animal print?

Professor Anne Vallely who made sure that we did not lose all of our hair during this project. To answer your question..yes, she is just as fabulous in real life too.

Photos  by William Downey

My favorite part this project was that they all look wearable and the girls looked fierce.  My major might be stressful but I’m glad I don’t have to sit down and take final exams. That is why I call fashion a wonderful and terrible toy. So take that people who have to. Now I will go into hibernation until I finish my psychology project. 


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