My top ten moments of 2012

As the yeas ends, I would like to say that I’m very thankful for all the support that I have been getting with that being said, I’m more than glad to move on from this year. I have made memories (some of which I would like to leave behind) but I have learned a lot from this year. Here are my favorite moments from 2012.

10. Miley Cyrus’ haircut

Almost everyone hated it but I was more than happy to welcome Miley to the “short hair don’t care” club. I understand her decision. She took some heat from her fans and the media but I liked it. Last year when I cut off my hair, not very many people were happy about it but it was freeing for me and I felt like myself. Besides, shot hair is more fun. People just need to get used to the fact that she is not America's sweetheart anymore. So here is to Miley, Anne Hathaway, Alicia Keys and every other beautiful woman who is enjoying having short hair. 

9. Beyonce’s after baby body

When I saw Beyonce in this Givenchy Couture at the met gala not long after she had her baby, I was surprised. Some women take a year or two to drop the baby weight but Beyonce wasn't going to be held back. Compare this to Joe Montana’s comeback to the 49ers..... you do the math. Beyonce still has to do wrong in my book. A quick shout out to Jessica Simpson who dieted her way with weight watchers only to get pregnant least now you know that you can do it. 

8. Anne Hathaway’s wedding dress 

Every single day, Anne Hathaway gives me proof that nobody is perfect except her. I still don’t know how she stays humble but I was nothing like humble when I saw her wedding dress which was personally designed by Valentino himself. 

7. Supermodel reunion at the London Olympics closing ceremony

 I did enjoy the Olympics. My favorite part at the closing ceremony was when British supermodels walked in a parade celebrating British fashion. Naomi Campbell (with the fiercest walk among all) and Kate Moss both wore gowns by Alexander McQueen (Rest in Style) While Geogia May Jagger wore Victoria Beckham (I knew this list was going to involve a Beckham).  Karen Elson wore Burberry and Stella Tennant in a Christopher Kane Swarovski cat suit. Can they add cat walking to the Olympic Games?

6. Gabby Douglas

Ryan Lochte’s abs and his inability to give a good interview which was overlooked because he is very good looking wasn't the only topic of the conversation. I was impressed by Gabby Douglas’ talent. She is young, beautiful and the first black woman gymnast to win all around. I step off my runway and she can do any number of cartwheels because she is that good. This is someone young girls should be admiring I cannot wait to see what she has coming up. 

5. Men wearing colorful suits

           Bye Bye to the days of men wearing the same black suit. My men’s fashion moment happened when Andrew Garfield wore a red Balenciaga  suit for the movie premier of the Amazing Spider-Man. Robert Pattinson has also been spotted in a couple of them.

Its like a rainbow of suits. I will pick any color over the usual black and white one. 

4. Lessons from Madame chic

 Lessons from Madame Chic by Jennifer L. Scott is a book for those who are fascinated by the French or just want to live a healthier life. This book is number 4 because it has taught me to stop snacking and among other things.  If I can do it, you can do it too. It’s an easy well written book Get a copy of yours or borrow mine, it will be worth it.  

3. Visual Merchandising Project

            I never thought that I would ever make a design out of a non-textile product. I was glad with the way it turned out and I was lucky to have been paired with the wonderful Victoria Smolinski who looks amazing in a dress made out of a shower curtain and coffee filters. I have to say, this will be a moment I will never forget about this year. 

2. Meeting Christian Louboutin

            I was there; standing in front of him, breathing the same air as the same man who is responsible for almost every woman’s shoegasm. At some point, we made eye contact and shared a smile. Ladies and Gentlemen, this is a moment that I will share every time Christian Louboutin’s name comes up. 

1. Seth Millman’s weight loss

      My top moment of 2012 was seeing Seth Millman after his weight loss. He lost over 100 pounds in less than eight months. All he did was go to the gym and switch up his eating habits  He did it for nobody but himself and he continues to live a healthy life. Thank you for inspiring me.

           These moments pretty much sum up my year. I have a good feeling about 2013. Thank you for walking on my runway. Happy New Year dolls!!


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