Shoe talk: How high is too high?

I love heels. If you ask me, the higher they are the better. I am a huge believe that no heel is “too high” but I yet learned a lesson today that maybe sometimes they do not need to be very high.  It all started at 7 am when I had to go teach my Barbizon modeling and acting class. I mean, I knew I was going be on my feet and I have survived days (like every day) in heels. But I woe the kind of heels that one is supposed to only wear for two hours and then take them off. Ladies you know those heels. So after about six hours, I was ready to surrender my feet to be cut off but first I had to buy flats first. That is when I ran into these cute yet chic small heels at H&M. I went on a mission hurt feet and all to Payless. They have them too and they are half the price of the ones at H&M.

I also thought about my tall ladies who refuse to wear heels in the name of “not being too tall”. I would like to say that if I as tall. I would be wearing the highest heels just to tower all over everyone but I am not so let's leave it like that.  Maybe this could be a way to wear heels and still be short enough for your man. I think we all agree that it wont hurt to have a reasonable heel for emergencies. What do you think ladies? Are we saying yes or no to these cute heels?


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