Healthy Tuesdays: Keeping up with New Year resolutions

Ohh hey, Do you remember those New Year resolutions you made, I definitely remember mine. With my friend Dee taking the weight watchers seriously (you go girl), I decided to do some research and see how I can help without going to the gym everyday (I’m trying but the idea of sweating doesn't sound very appealing....I know, what a typical girl) anyways, I tracked down Seth Millman and asked him to tell me some of his workout secrets and this is what he said.....

Do you want to get a six pack in two weeks? Well then unfortunately this is not the article for you. But I can guarantee you that abs will in fact come through. By the time last summer came around I was topping the scales at an all-time high 266 pounds. I felt lethargic, sore, depressed and knew I was the least athletic I had ever been. With a combination of extremely strict diet, portion control, as well as a regimen of cardio and lifting every day I was able to shed over a hundred pounds in 5 months. After the weight loss I looked better, all clothes fit better, and I felt more happy and energetic in general. This new found fitness and healthy diet also enabled me to play rugby which helped get me in the best shape of my life. So whether your goal is to have that dream body for your new bikini or to put another 30 pound onto your bench max my best bit of advice would be to do it for you. Make your goals be to benefit yourself. With hard training and a good diet anything is possible.

I hope this was helpful. Next time I see him, he will have to tell me more about his healthy diet because I’m really trying to be healthy, of course I will share with you ;)


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