Men's Fashion: Dude, Scarf it up!

The more the degrees drop, the more I get to practice the art of bundling up (One of the few things I’m very good at). While I got my scarves, over the knee socks, chunky sweaters, over the knee boots (the list goes on) I can’t help but wonder why guys rarely wear scarves. Believe it or not, guys contemplate on whether to scarf it up or not to simply because society considers that effeminate, gay and chick repelling. Men’s fashion has revolved and I have to tell you that’s complete bogus. Believe it or not, a guy in a scarf is anything but chick repelling. Guys, you have to trust me on this one.

I have used a few of my favorite men to show how you can scarf it up while upholding your masculinity (although if you were confident in your masculinity, it wouldn't go away because you decided to be warm but what do I know, I’m just a woman) Putting the scarf in a “knot” like David Beckham did is one way.    

Adding contrasting fabrics, darker hues like Trey Songz did gives you an effortless “unkept” vibe. 

Jay Z did “the knot” too. What is chick repelling about this picture..? My point exactly

Or you can do what Kanye West did and just wrap it around your neck.

Wearing a scarf has nothing to do with masculinity, let’s face it; if you were really comfortable in your “masculinity” you would not be worried about it by just putting on a scarf now would you? Maybe we need to come up with a better excuse but the times have changed and guys should just wear those suckers especially in this cold. Can’t a man just be warm?

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