Men's Trends: Meggings. Hot or make it stop

                     My friend asked me what I thought about meggings and I started laughing because although I had not heard about them, I was afraid they were what I thought they were. And I was right. Meggings are the male version of leggings. Before I even try to figure out where I stand, something is usually a terrible idea if the first letter has to be gender specified.

This trend is clearly taken from athletes and ballet dancers who need tights for comfort. But just like skinny jeans, there are some people who can pull them off. Because I do not want to walk around looking at crotches, if you choose to go with meggings, please I beg that you wear them with a longer shirt. I have never been a fan of men’s skinny jeans and I’m not about to start with meggings so someone make it stop. Although designers have been sending models down the runway in meggings, they get a big fat NO on my runway.

But that’s just me, what do you think about meggings?


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