Perks of the Mario Testino MFA exhibit.

Happy Friday to you my fabulous readers!! Thanks to Martin Luther King, we have an extra day to sit in front of our televisions and keep up with our DVRs but not this weekend. I have a million reasons as to why your DVR can wait; as to why instead of a date at the movies, make it a date at the museum.  They all end and begin with Mario Testino. 

As we all know, Mario Testino opened two photography exhibits at the Museum of Fine Arts; the “Mario Testino: In Your Face” runs through February 3rd and the “Testino’s British Portraits” runs through June 16th. These are the first US museum exhibits for the fashion and celebrity photographer. If you are not familiar with his work, I’m sure you have seen it in Vogue, Vanity Fair and many other fashion magazines. The exhibit has a shop selling Testino- related products. (word on the street is that it will be having a huge sell when the exhibit is about to close)  The “In Your Face” exhibit has 122 photographs which include a lot of Kate Moss, Jennifer Lopez, Brad Pitt (the young Brad Pitt that melted our hearts, not that he doesn’t anymore) Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Rihanna, Naomi Campbell, Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen. That’s not even the end of the list.

This exhibit showed me why Testino is a genus. He is not afraid to cross boundaries at all. His work makes you stop and think for a moment.  He has a model sipping Channel No.5 through a straw which I thought was interesting. I thought the model with scissors going after a tropical fish in a bowl was funny, and then I stopped to think about it. (Fish are friends) My favorite was the one with the model giving the middle finger to the anti-fur guy; thinking about PETA’s reaction to this photograph even makes it funnier.  You can see the risk he took in all of his work.

When you go to see the 6 photographs in the “British Royal Portraits” exhibit, you can see that Testino tried to be on his best behavior. Most of the photographs are in black and white he glamorizes the royal but humanizes them at the same time. You don’t have to be fashion lover for this one, if this exhibit does not make you appreciate art more, then we need to have a talk. 

P.S it’s free for you poor college students.

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