Thirsty Thursday: Seann Girl Over-The-Knee by Christian Louboutin

For those who didnt know, “Thirsty Thursday” is dedicated to the things that would change my life (even for five seconds) if I got hold of them. (A girl can wish). Now my wish list should include magic to make this cold disappear or simply better weather but that involves me being realistic and I’m many things but realistic.
Therefore, this week and probably for the rest of my life, I’m thirsty for these Christian Louboutin Seann Girl Thigh High Boots. If you ask me, every girl needs a pair of thigh high boots. These boots have cell phone pockets, credit cards slots, buckles at the knee, a 3.5” heels and a lip gloss holder. Here is how some of my favorite stylish stars wore them
I love how Rihanna is wearing in a casual way.
I might have to pay off my student loans first to own these $3,795 boots but that doesn’t mean that I have not got my hands on them.


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