Trend Alert: Asian teens are crazy for braces.

Among other things,  I have an interest in Asian street fashion.(What can I say, I'm a girl of many interests) I think it is creative, fun and fascinating. 

     If you have ever worn braces in high school, I know you remember how you were cool and everyone wanted to be like you. If you don’t then that’s good because that NEVER happened.While wearing braces in America is adolescent awkwardness, teens in Asia - especially Thailand, Indonesia and Malayasia are using them as a fashion statement.  This might be because dental care is very costly but they are really taking the geek-chic look to another lever. These fake braces come in every color beyond the rainbow. They also come in a variety of cartoonish themes from Mickey Mouse to Hello Kitty.

Therefore next time you are not sure about your braces, remember that somewhere in Asia, there is a teenager who wants to be like you. I for one I’m hoping that this trend doesn’t get past Asia. I hope I’m not the only one who thinks that wearing fake braces in the name of style is dangerous.

photos from tumblr

What do you think of this trend?


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