Designers: Rufus Dixon's New Collection

This past weekend was a great one and I hope you enjoyed it as well. There was so much going on, while I try to keep up with New York Fashion Week (yeah my invitation keeps on getting lost in the mail) I would like to start and end my Grammy rant that Kelly Rowland killed it in this Georges Chakra . She might have violated the Grammy dress code but you will hear no complaints from my runway.

This weekend, I also had a chance to see Rufus Dixon‘s recent collection. As always, I’m beyond pleased. I have to say, every time I see his designs, I fall even more in love with leather than I already am. He keeps it fierce but flirty and feminine too. Not very many designers can do that to leather. I have some of the collection on my runway; see what I’m talking about? 


                  This collection is for that girl who gets everyone’s attention when she enters the room. I am dying to get my hands on a few pieces personally. This is not the last time that you will hear about Rufus and his brilliant designs but while we all wait, check out his page HERE


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