Fashion Week: My Runway's NYFW favorite looks

I was taking care of my cold and before I could even finish my cup of tea, we were rolling into London Fashion Week. But hey, I am not Cinderella so it is never too late. This is how I get to choose which ones is my favorite, it is very simple. The designer who makes me want to spend my last penny is the one who gets thumbs up from my runway.
For some reason, most designers always go hard in the paint during London Fashion Week so I was not surprised when I found myself question some of them. Here are pieces from my favorite collections.

Jason Wu makes clothes for the “it girl”. His collection was for a beautiful confident woman and to be honest, I feel like these two looks specifically were made for me so thank you Jason xoxo.

I loved Diane Von Furstenberg’s collection. She has beautiful prints and I would die to get my hands on this jumpsuit. 

Bless me fashion gods because this Kenneth Cole is perfection. I also think it was honestly designed for me; this is my style.  It is sexy, classy and flirty at the same time. I might not be a fan of the open toed boots but I have a few ideas that would work as well.

Long dresses with sleeves and long necks are my weakness so I was not surprised when I fell hard for this CarolinaHerrera beauty. From the material, the fitting to the details of it, if I could, I would.

When Oscar De La Renta took in John Galliano, many people thought it was a bad idea but it might have been a match made it controversy fashion heaven because the collection was beyond amazing. You can see a touch of each of them. This collection is for a modern pretty woman. It might have been my favorite “awww this is getting me emotional” in NYFW. 

While I keep on wishful thinking for these designs to magically appear in my closet (you cannot blame a girl for wishing) I think it would be pretty rad if you checked out my runway on Facebook. Now back to London Fashion Week.


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