Lasell College Men's Basketball Team on My Runway for Sean Bertanza

                 If you are familiar with my runway, you know that it is not a surprise that handsome men are on it. One day it’s a soccer player (call me maybe David Beckham) and before you know it, I have basketball players. No really, I have basketball players on my runway….The Lasell College’s Men’s basketball team is walking on my runway in honor of Sean Bertanza their captain and a friend who passed away on December 20, 2012.  They are showing off their athletic fashion styles but I want to talk about a friend first. Sean was the real meaning of “style doesn't mean you have to keep up with the trends”.

 Sean’s style was that of a typical athlete. Sweatpants, a snapback, sneakers and most of the times Nike or Jordan flip flops with socks. (which is one of my biggest style pet peeves that athletes do and I always scolded him for it) in most cases, the look would be completed with a hoodie and a pair of Dr. Dre’s beats. That was how Sean dressed on a regular basis. I would describe his style as comfortable; which he made everyone feel around him. He was kind and had a beautiful laugh, the kind of laugh that made you feel forget that lip syncing to 2 Chainz in public is embarrassing. 

I do not always count on most of the guys I know to always check out my blog (I know some of you who do and I appreciate your support) and I do understand, most of you men are not as fascinated with fashion as us women (please wake up and smell the rosesJ) Sean always told me “good job on your blog” and it always made me realize that people actually do read my blog.

If you had the chance to see Sean play, you know how good of a basketball player. If you were his friend or teammate or coach or opponent, you know how passionate about basketball he was. When he was in the three point line, you know he was going to shoot the ball. I remember the first time I saw him play, he dunked on some kid and I was like “oh shit, this kid is flying everywhere)

So dear Sean, you taught me that life is all about choosing something that you are really good at and putting in everything you got. So I choose to write and I am going to be so darn good at it. Thank you for walking on my runway.

              Now his teammates will show their personal styles on my runway  (but some eye candy doesn't hurt either, you are welcome ladies) The guys each have on a red piece because that was Sean’s favorite color. He might not have been trendy but he always wore a color that is trending now in men’s fashion and will never go out of style. That has to count for something so I say that he had style

      Mike Vallone (#12) is wearing a classic look that will never go out of Men’s Fashion, a hoodie, jeans and Jordan’s. He looks comfortable yet stylish.

         Ricky Landais (#32) went with a flannel and Timberland boots. These are all classy trends that will never go out of style. 

         Brock Walters (#24) dressed up his look simply by ditching sneakers. 

Who says that you cannot dress up sweatpants. Brandon Ganesh (#15) kept it simple with a crewneck sweater and sneakers. Unfortunately, the crunches are not accessories, get well soon!

Captain Rob Roy (#34) has on a crewneck sweatshirt and jeans. 

Arthur Alexander (#5) was ready for the blizzard in a Ralph Lauren jacket and cargo pants. 

Photos by Andrew Ranalli 

They all have one thing in common with their style; they are athletes and showed that in their style but all different looks. So my readers, I want to know; what does having style mean to you?


  1. Just happen to see the latest on Lasell and saw your blog! I'm Sean's Aunt who lives in Florida followed his basketball and team adventures. Its unbelievable how Sean had the best support and friends here at Lasell. The family is still brother Mark and his wife, Karen are so sad... Sean was their life everyday.

    Thanks for the honor.

    Lisa Bertanza

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