Marc Jacobs brings sex appeal to London Fashion Week

I would like to say that if I had powers, I would love to go into Marc Jacob’s brain and find out why he is brilliant. When I first went through his collection, I wanted to take off my pants and roll in glitter. Yes, I know how it sounds but stay with me here people. There is no question that Marc Jacobs is a wonderful designer however this LFW showed me that he makes clothes for an edgy sophisticated sexy woman; you know the one who grabs everyone’s attention the very moment she walks into the room.
Jacobs sent his models down the runway in fur and glitter. Some of them wore beautifully made jackets without pants - seriously, who needs pants?  Others were sent down the runway topless. Jacobs used feminine fabrics but made most of his designs masculine and the results were beautiful. He pushes the envelope and still manages to stay classy. I always know that he is going to bring it. I am very pleased with London Fashion Week so far.
Here are some of my favorite looks from his collection.


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