Milan Fashion Week: Fendi Fall 2013

There comes a time in a girl’s life when something magical happens; when something like a shoe change life, I don’t mean to state the obvious but we all know that it worked for Cinderella. On that point, I think my life has been changed, there were no pumpkins or mice involved but I can tell you that there was fur involved. - With my relationship with fur, that is as good. I think ( I am 97% sure about this ) that Fendi might have changed my life or strengthened the relationship I had with fur; either way, it was beautiful. The models walked down the runway with fur mohawks.

               The collection is punkish with a perfect touch of flirt. Everything was beautifully made and structured, especially the fur. Did you notice that the mink coats were graphically colored?

Karl Lagerfeld and the team did a beautiful job which apparently has me walking on sunshine. If you are not jumping up and down when you see what Fendi did with their fur then I don’t know how you are keeping yourself together. I think we all know what this means, these coming seasons (excluding summer) we should just wear our fur and look fabulous. Sorry PETA. 


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