Personal Style: Fur!! Fur!! Fur!!!!

                     Thanks to Nemo, I got some rest over the past few days but I am blessed with loads of work. Therefore thanks but no thanks Nemo. With the day I had and still have ahead of me; I went for comfort and what better way than pulling l out one of my fur vests.  I am obsessed with fur anything because they are very cozy, stylish and will make any outfit stand out. I don’t care how you wear it, you cannot go wrong with fur (Sorry PETA).

When it comes to animal prints, I wear them with color; any kind of color. Bright colors tend to elevate people's moods. They are very neutral and fun; I go to the brighter colors. I took a risk and decided not to go with a basic shirt but put some skulls on and I have to say, the combination is pretty good.  On another note, this day got me thinking about investing in a pair of LL Bean boots since I am emotionally attached to my shoes and the dirty snow is not helping either. If only I had a least pair of winter boots?? -Just another “Reginah problem”.

While I go and figure out what I am getting myself for Valentine’s Day, I would love to  know how you are wearing your fur. Email  or post it HERE

Put your best foot forward and watch out for those icy roads.


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