Shoes for Lent!

               While I go through the New York Fashion Shows one more time  to see which ones I loved (post will be up this week) I cannot help but wonder what I am giving up for lent. After days of thinking about it and my friends telling me that I cannot do it,  here it goes; for lent, I am going to give up shoes. This does not mean that I will not be wearing them, it just means that no more new shoes on my runway. I can look, fall in love, have shoegasms, I am just not buying them.  I know, I cannot think of any first world problem worse than this one either. I chose shoes because the older I get, the more I realize that I need  to learn self-control. So I decided to start with my shoe addiction which is by the way a very expensive addiction. I think two things might happen after the lent, I might go crazy and have a shoe shopping spree with the money I  do not have or I could think of smarter ways to support my shoe addiction. Maybe this is a nice way to switch up my style. It is almost heart breaking but I know I can do this. I might need to find new hobbies though.
So my dear readers,  If you are or were to give up something, what would it be?

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