Bow tie by Bowtiesbyevarose Giveaway

              No one can go wrong with a bow tie especially when it is worn right. That is why for my first blog giveaway, I am giving away this grape handmade bow tie by Bowtiesbyevarose. It is unisex and will compliment your style.
                                                    Enter below

                                       Like the bow tie by Bowtiesbyevarose? WIN IT HERE

                                                       Qualifications to enter are below

  •  Like Reginahsrunway on Facebook  HERE and subscribe to Reginahsrunway on blogger HERE
  •        Follow Bowtiesbyevarose on instagram  HERE
  • Comment below with your email J  
                                                   Giveaway started: March 2 @ 12 PM Pacific Time
                                                      Giveaway ends : March 8 @ 5 PM Pacific Time


                                Thank you for walking on my runway.


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