Pearl by Georgina Chapman of Marchesa for JC Penney.

There is nothing I hate more than traditional prom dresses, I think that they are ugly and even Cinderella would never have worn one to the ball had the fairy godmother showed up 5 minutes late. That does not mean I hate prom, I might have had a crappy one but I still love the whole idea behind it. It’s kind of a big deal to us girls. Why do I feel like this post is about to be therapy for my horrible prom experience….
Anyways, JC Penney collaborated with Georgina Chapman of Marchesa to create a ready to wear collection called Pearl. This collection has fabulous designs that will stand out and look much better than the “traditional prom dress”. This collection was created for a fun, confident girl who wants to look glamorous while doing the gangnam style (or whatever they play at proms). The collection has looks that give you the red carpet glamour. (Unfortunately for one to afford a Marchesa gown, they might as well just start paying off their college loans early)

They are simple glamorous chic (and cheap) prom dresses.

Now this is a throwback. I got my prom dress 2 days before prom because I refused to get a dress that did not give me “that feeling” and no, I did not turn into a pumpkin at midnight.

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