Personal Style: Huge case of the Mondays....

I did not own my first pair of pants until I was thirteen. Yes, that is what you get for going to an all-girls boarding school. Because of this, my relationship with pants especially jeans is weird. They are only won on lazy weekends but if I am spotted in a pair of jeans on a Monday, which is only a sign of the beginning of a hectic week. While I have been battling with my Mondays, I have realized that so far, this is one of my favorite Mondays.
Maybe this is a sign that maybe incorporating jeans in my daily life is not the worst idea. I find a pair of jeans that fits me the right way -you know what I am talking about ladies. Like I always like to say; a perfect pair of jeans is like finding a good man, they are both hard to find. Most stores do not have petite sizes, that is why every single pair of jeans I own is from White House Black Market.

On my runway, Mondays are usually cured by a beautiful picture of David Beckham…….Oh speaking of David Beckham; here he is a few days ago in China.
On a note that is not as beautiful as David Beckham, DON’T GROW UP, IT’S A TRAP! Have a lovely Monday and may your Mondays be cured.



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