Personal Style: One shade of grey

Today, My Runway is covered with a lot of grey. No, not that Grey because if it was that grey, I would not be blogging right now…Well this post is taking a different direction. Moving past that, although there is still snow on the ground, I am ready to bring out my dresses and skirts. I think that my style is girly with a microscopic touch of masculinity. I do like wearing leggings although I will choose a dress over sweatpants, pants, shorts, leggings and anything else that is pretty much not a dress or skirt. I admit I like girly shit; I guess I am that kind of girl.

I also like adding something muscular like in this case, my peacock jacket. I think that adding a masculine item to your look especially if it is a short dress gives your look that flirty sexy look.
The combination of this short military inspired dress with the long jacket kind of reminds me of London fashion in the 80’s. What do you think of this look?


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