Shoe Talk: When do high heels become life threatening?

Sarah Jessica Parker says that wearing cheap shoes might have ruined her foot. The actress was more accustomed to wearing Manolo Blahnikand and Christian Louboutin (good for her). This is what she said about her recent doctor’s appointment. “So I got shoes from (Nine West) and the bottom of the shoes isn't leather, they are plastic, so I slipped a couple times and twisted my ankle” she said “I went to a foot doctor and he said; “your foot does things it should not be able to do. That bone there- you have created that bone. It does not belong there.”

This raises the question of how too high is too high. I see a lot of girls in very high heels that they can barely walk in. if anyone understands the beauty of shoes, it is me. a pair of shoes can be very beautiful that it tricks you into wearing it. But never choose beauty over comfort. If a shoe does not fit, then do not wear it.  She also said that she has been literally running in heels for ten years. Now as a girl who thinks she is faster and can concentrate more in heels, this wakes me up but again, I know how to choose my shoes, it’s all about comfort girls. There is an easier way to figure out which shoes will be good for you I am sorry that she cannot enjoy her shoes anymore, although if she has any size 6 or 7's then I have some room in my closet.

Has life come to a point where heels are bad for you? What are your opinions? 


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