Show Review: Alexander McQueen Fall 2013 All Hail the Queen!!!

Bonjour, Paris Fashion Week just keeps on getting better that I am pretty sure I can speak French (aucun mais vraiment, je ne peux pas mais j’aime la mode). If you are familiar with my runway, you know the serious love and admiration we have for Alexander McQueen. Nevertheless, if you are not familiar with it; bonjour to my runway…… How can I put this? The first time I saw a McQueen design was the first time fashion became more than fashion for me. It was magical. All of his designs are usually magical. 

                 That is exactly what creative director Sarah Burton did. With just ten looks (of course with tremendous flawlessness) Burton managed to remind us of that feeling we got when we first saw a McQueen design. They are so beautiful that you take your breath then forget to breathe out which causes you to have an emotional connection.

                                          The shoes were everything.

    It is not a McQueen design without the emotional connection. The collection was inspired by the Virgin Queen, Elizabeth I, the garb worn by the Pope. It makes me happy that Sarah Burton is keeping the McQueen name going and with what it was best known for; breathtaking designs.

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