Show review: John Galliano Fall 2013 get in my closet.

Happy Monday loves, If I could have one power at the moment, I would not use it to cure the Mondays (No, a shirtless David Beckham seems to be doing that trick) Instead, I would open my closet, close it and when I open it again, I would love to find John Galliano’s 2013 Fall collection in there. Then I would proudly wear every piece. I am pretty sure I will be the happiest girl on earth but at the moment, I do not have anyone offering me magical powers so you cannot blame a girl for dreaming.

This whole month, designers have been showing what it means for women to dress in a strong and powerful way and this collection might have done the trick. John Galliano’s Bill Gaytten said “It’s by not having her identity be tied up in appealing to a man. I don’t like simpering sex objects”. The models were covered head to toe in Stephen Jone’s military caps to pointed spike-stiletto booties. 

Most of the collection was black but there were a few looks in bright blue gathered with strands of chiffon which added the perfect amount of color to the collection. For styling, a thin black turtleneck was put underneath the dresses. This too challenged the concept of women as sex objects. But at the same time, there was some sort of sex appeal with the designs, but it was a confident classy kind of sex appeal. I love the message behind this collection and I want it in my closet. For more Fashion Week coverage on my runway, go HERE

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