Beyonce Mail: Favorite looks from the Mrs. Carter Tour

              If I happened to live in a world where nice things happened to me, I would have got a Mrs. Carter ticket before the tour was sold out. But I live in the real world and yes, I am still pouting about it because seeing BeyoncĂ© – although now I prefer calling her Mrs. Carter- in concert is one of those things that I HAVE to do before I leave this earth. I don’t think Mrs. Carter can do wrong in my book. If she came up and slapped me (hopefully she would not) but if she wanted to, I would gladly turn the other check. Okay you get the point, I am a Bey stan.

For this tour, she has high fashion performing outfits that just blow my mind. Me being a Bey stan and a fashion nerd. Mrs. Carter’s tour wardrobe includes multiple designers. All of her tour costumes are custom made by Peter Dundas from Emilio Pucci, The Blonds, Julien MacDonald, Riccardo Tisci from Givenchy, David Koma, Vrettos Vrettakos and desginers from Kenzo. I am sorry; I lost consciousness at Emilio Pucci. That is now from My Runway. Have a lovely weekend and check out more from the Mrs. Carter tour.  


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