BEYONCE MAIL: When does Mrs. Carter Sleep?

As the school year comes to an end, I realize that’s when I sleep less. But I bet there is someone who is not sleeping as much as me. When does Mrs. Carter sleep? Beyoncé who seems to be on a mission to take over the world once again has been a very busy woman. With her tour, Pepsi promos and now this H&M ad, she has been a very busy woman.  H&M released this video promoting their swimwear in a music video like way. I adore her. Yes, I know all girls love Beyoncé. I think most women love Beyoncé because she is an example that you can have it all. You can have a good career, a good husband, be a mother and still have time to travel around the world and tear shit down among other things. Well, all I need at the moment is motivation to get through this school year but I am glad to know that those options are there too.  So far, what I have learned is that if you want something done, let Beyoncé do it. I wonder if she has time to write a 15 page paper. Check out the video. How does she do it?


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