Cool Online Finds: The Afropolitan Shop, Taking chic back to the roots.

               Jambo (that is hello in Swahili) my latest online find is The Afropolitan Shop. This site  has handmade African jewelry- done in a chic way. Chunky necklaces always do the trick of turning an outfit chic in 5 seconds. Maybe it is my African roots but I am obsessed with all of these pieces. Since prints are trending, this would be a perfect way to incorporate them in style via accessories. Imagine an all-black outfit with some of these accessories.


           My favorite thing about this website is how affordable they are which adds to the excitement. I bought a similar necklace (find post with the necklace) but it was twice the price of these and unlike the necklace I got from ALDOS this one was made in Africa.  I think I know what I will add to my daily style. Are you thinking what I am thinking?


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