Men’s Fashion: Men’s Trends we just can’t get enough

One of the many men’s trends that make us go mmhhh is the casual Friday look. The trend of men dressing up sweaters is one of those trends that are here to stay. You will not hear complaints from this end of my runway since I still have to see a guy who does not pull it off. It does not matter your level of attractiveness, if this trend is done right- very difficult to do it wrong- you will turn a few heads followed by mental compliments. 

The sweater/ tie combo is a great way to break up the tie and shirt look and showing off your personal style. This is also the easiest way to dress down a tie. I think that every man should own a crew neck. A crew neck can simply be worn to work; all one needs to do is to wear a shirt dress underneath, remember to put your dress shirt collar inside of the sweater (but I bet you already knew this) I and many other women I have talked to especially love this look if a tie is involved. 

V neck sweaters are also greatly appreciated. They show the tie more neatly than the crew neck will but it is still a smart look.
Argyle sweaters are also good simply because they give an extra color and design. The good thing about this trend is that you don’t want to do too much. Simplicity is key therefore sticking to dark, conservative colors with one contrasting color in sweater will give you a sharp look.

This look can be worn at work, in an interview, while you have dinner with me and pretty much anywhere. It is very hard to go wrong with this trend. Avoid things that are too bright or too loud but if you are too brave then daddy go for it. Some men pull off loud colors and some don’t. This is the best way to show your personal style and still look professional. 

What are some of men’s trends that make you go mmmhhhh?

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