Men’s Fashion: Never disrespect the tie

                   There are things that men do that just bother me, things that I would never excuse on my runway. And I am not talking about them not considering about how you might feel or them doing things just because they are men and that is only their excuse. No, that can be excused. I hate when men do not know the proper way to wear a suit. Let me say it again, dear men, it drives me crazy when you do not wear the suit properly but it drives me even crazier when you involve the tie.

          The tie is a few of clothing pieces that should never be disrespected. There are basic rules and things you should not do when wearing a tie. When I was a little girl, my older brother would sit me down to teach me how to tie a tie, how to iron a suit. I just wanted to play with my dolls but I guess that kind of explains my obsession with men’s fashion. Men commit outrageous deeds with their ties. These are some of the crimes that I can never stand or excuse. 

  •        When the tie is too long or too short. That just drives me insane. Every man should know that the tip of the tie should barely touch the top of the pants or belt. To me, wearing your tie at a wrong width just shows how careless you are or that you just don’t know the proper way to tie a tie. Men turn down women for not knowing how to cook which is fine by me because if you cannot tie a tie, you won’t even get close to smell my cooking.      
  •            If a tie is the wrong width then that is going to drive me crazy too and yes, dinner will be turned down.  Do not just wear a tie because it is a tie, a tie must be appropriate to your body type, the kind of dress shirt and suit you are wearing. Skinny ties might be trendy but they are rules. Like GQ said “your tie should not be wider than your penis” and that is how I am going to leave it
  •         When we move past the tie length and width, there is nothing I hate more than a man who thinks it is okay to wear sports shoes with a tie. In my book that is not acceptable but for some reason, someone in society made it trendy for men to wear shoes other than dress shoes with a suit. So if you want to dress down a suit, before you even think of what shoes to wear with it, just leave the tie out of it. Take off the tie, button down three buttons or two, put on a cardigan and wear those sports shoes that you love so much. Do not disrespect the suit. 

This is how a tie should be worn. Have dinner with us sir
          When it comes to ties, storage is everything. The tie should never be kept untied because that is awful for the ties, it will cause permanent wrinkles in your tie and will also show that you are incapable of properly tying it. A man should wear a tie with pride because you know what women love a man in uniform as much as a man in a suit. And if it is worn right, who knows, we could have dinner.


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