Thirsty Thursday: Women's Trends that make men weak

Magazines can tell us what to wear, what is trendy. Cosmopolitan has been giving us “different ways to wow men in bed” for way too many issues. So I figured, why the heck we don’t just ask the men. I asked my guy friends to tell me what they like most about our fashion. Let me just say, I can always count on the men on my runway to be honest. No surprise that about 30% of them are a huge fan of the birthday suit trend.  This one was my favorite “Birthday suit because it is all natural” Hey, they say that natural beauty is the best beauty. Well boys, we would love to walk around in our birthday suits but society does not think that’s trendy enough.A huge majority –and by majority I mean almost all of them are really huge fans of sun dresses.
                                       “Sun dresses are the shit” Brian, 21

“Sun dresses because they are classy yet still flirty” Will, 21

“Sun dresses are nice but I’m always a fan of the athletic clothes” Alex, 21 I am going to go ahead and suggest that Alex is a huge fan of yoga pants as well.

“Sun dresses are natural and shows natural beauty” Seth, 20

“Sun dresses because you can see their booty and it looks great” Ryan, 21

“Sun dresses because they are old school ish and I like the fact that they are just cute and you don’t have to be slutty in shorts and it’s nice to look at” Duggie, 20

Okay you get the point; guys are huge fans of sun dresses. (Since we are being honest, I am not a huge fan. Nooo sun dresses are not for this girl) others preferred shorts because of the obvious reasons. Some of them preferred girls to be themselves. “I like originality” one of them said.

“I like it when just the right amount of skin is showing and clothes that accentuate the curves of a woman” Dan, 19

Photos courtesy of pinterest

“Nothing is always best but if I had to choose it would be white jeans”Noble, 22

I think there might be a scientific explanation as to why men love white jeans.

“Yoga pants are just overrated” Eric, 19

I occasionally like getting fashion advice from men because men are more visual than women. So there you have it ladies, as the weather gets nice, maybe its time to pull out sun dresses and make the boys break their necks?

As I was watching my friends get excited over sun dresses, I realized that most of these things they mentioned are the ones that are purposely missing from my closet. I really do not have sun dresses just because that’s not my style, I owned white jeans once and let just say that I don’t plan on owning another pair anytime soon. I am not a huge fan of shorts. Oh fashion gods, does this mean that my style is man repellent? 


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