We adore those behind the curtain

As we live our fabulous lives, we sometimes forget to thank the people who make it easier and safer.  This past week was really tough but it taught me that we say thank you to the wrong people or barely say thank you at all. I do not know how more terrified I would have been if I didn’t know that there was someone out there looking for the bad guys. So thank you to those who go chase after the bad guys while I sit safely and comfortably talking to a lap top.

In fashion too, we sometimes forget to thank those genius minds behind this beautiful work of art we all fashion. When celebrities are asked what they are wearing on the red carpet, they confidentially say the designers but rarely say thank…but again, if one is going down the drain, they are blamed instead of the designers but I guess that evens out. Why is this post relevant? This post is relevant because it is garment review week and all the fashion design students are not going to sleep at all. They stay up making clothes; this is why I always look at fashion as an art. Someone stays up and creates something that will be worn, that will help you make a first impression, something that will make you feel beautiful or confident. If that someone does not deserve thanks then we are thanking the wrong people or barely saying thank you at all.  So thank you to the men and women who stay up to make sure our country is safe, to make sure that the bad guys don’t get away and also those who try their best to help us stay away from the fashion police’s most wanted list, I think those are the people we should all be obsessed about . THANK YOU.


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