White House Correspondent's Dinner Fashion: Guess who is coming to dinner

            If you follow me on twitter, I am sure you saw me going on and on about the White House Correspondent’s Dinner. Although I might be late to post this, I would like to say that I am slacking on Mad Men so things could be worse. I liked the President’s speech; he seemed to be in good spirits. Now let’s go straight to the fashion….especially the ladies. See life was made easy for men, when it comes to dinners like this, all you need is a suit and you are all set. But for the women, you need to choose a dress that is just the right amount of fancy, classy, chic and sexy. Therefore, when it comes to dress code to such events, I am not easily impressed.

Sharon Stone who was my first female crush ß- a little fun fact over there looked beautiful and classy in all black.

My other favorite was Olivia Munn in Marchesa. They say when in doubt wear red, just never forget that black can never do wrong.

 This might have to be my favorite look from Katy Perry.

I loved Claire Danes in this classic Prada. This reminds me of the beautiful late Princess Diana. You think so?

Emily Mortimer must have been my best dressed guest. I guess it is true, when in doubt wear red. The dress is simple yet classic, sexy enough and she effortlessly stands out.

My favorite part about Hayden Panettiere’s look is that it is simple but at the same time, it is really not.

               I was going to say something witty until I got distracted by Tony Goldwyn. It has come to my attention that I am easily distracted by men in suits. Good Lord, Goldwyn can wear a jacket. I find him very attractive. What about those scenes in Scandal when he is sneaking around with Olivia Pope…….I  need a moment. Until then.


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