119 M.P.H by Jessica Hutchings: Gowns and fast cars. Sign me up

Sometimes when I see first car, I imagine myself in a beautiful gown, leather gloves and just enjoying the adrenaline rush in the front seat. That is exactly what Jessica Hutchings did for her senior collection. She took us for the ride of our fantasies. The gowns fit in a feminine way and I love the way they flowed.
I loved every little thing about this collection. It was precise, yet glamorous, kind of sexy ad classy at the same time. Hutchings used silks, chiffons, a little touch of leather and pearls. These are very luxurious materials used with luxurious designs and inspiration.  I think that her gowns would have looked beautiful on this year’s Met Gala red carpet.  

Now we know that if prince charming forgets his horse ad comes on a motorcycle, I will not miss my princess moment because they make gowns for that too……you get the point?


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